EventsByLMG is always to event planning, like a gardener is to gardening. As soon as our customer plants the seed; vision with regard to their function, we take over from there. We bring necessary elements, style, and elegance to develop their idea flourish into a booming event. Working off of our client’s vision, we make an effort to bring their special event to a top-notch level, by infusing our own knowledge with their needs. Most significantly, you require EventsByLMG for peace of mind!! Make it possible for yourself to enjoy every second of your engagement and every moment of your special day without stressing about forgetting anything, dealing with last minute details, guiding family/friends, or doing anything besides sitting back and enjoying the show!
We will maximize your budget – no matter the size. As expert planner, EventsByLMG has relationships and connections to vendors,information about specials, and access to pricing that you may not. While employing a planner isn’t free, we can enable you save time, money, and energy. Wedding/event planning is stress filled. There are calls, investigation, vendor meetings, contracts, and hundreds of other details that require be considering and managing in a timely manner. Your time is important. Employing EventsByLMG will considerably cut down on your pressure while still retaining you and your vision required in every decision.

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