Wedding Nail Tips And Tricks

Wedding bells are ringing and you have already chosen the right venue, the most beautiful wedding gown, the best wedding cake etc. Not just this, you have fixed an appointment with the best beautician in the town for your hair and makeup, but what about your nails? Nails are left for the last minute. But remember, between wedding photographs, cutting cake, exchanging rings, meeting so many guests, and other precious moments, your nails are the most visible part of your hand and can be clearly seen in all your wedding photographs, so make sure your wedding nails are perfectly done so it does not make your pictures less than perfect. For a bride, her wedding pictures are just like that valuable treasure she cannot afford to do away with, so every bride-to-be should never leave her nails for the last minute.

Plan beforehand

Wedding nails cannot be done just a few days before your wedding. You need to give at least three months for your nails to look beautiful on the special day. For girls with short nails, it needs at least a few months to grow the nails to a good size that can be shaped perfectly. For brittle nails, extra care needs to be taken, like soaking nails in lemon juice daily, silk wraps for cracked nails etc. Most nail techs can help you with professional nail care treatment.

Type of nails to choose from

You can choose among the 3 type of nails that suit your preference:

  • Artificial nails: Artificial nails are fake nails which are of two types, acrylic and gel. The result is same, however the application process differs. The nail tech glues plastic tips to the natural nails and covers it with acrylic or gel. It takes time to get the habit of it, particularly if you have never had long nails, moreover, the chemicals used are not good for your natural nails, you might want to apply some chemical peel to take care of your skin. Try artificial nails a few months before your wedding day, so you get accustomed to it and your natural nails can get some time to cope with chemicals used in the process.
  • Soak-off Gel: These nails are basically special nail polish that do not chip easily and hence stay longer than other types of artificial nails. If you want your nail paint to stay for more time on your natural nails, then Soak-off gel polish is the best option. The process involves using UV lamp to dry. But be careful with it till your wedding day, as a chip will require a salon visit to get it fixed.
  • Regular nail polish: It is easy to maintain and fix when it gets chipped. You do not need to visit a salon to fix the chip as you can do it easily on your own. Usually, they do not last for more than 4 to 7 days as they get dull. If you wish to maintain the color, you can get a bottle of quick dry top coat that can be applied on your wedding day for that fresh look.

How to Plan a Successful Event

Event planning is not an easy task. You just cannot order people to do the job. You need to patiently handle all the resources at hand. There are several problems that an event planner usually faces while planning an event.

Planning a successful event is similar to planning a marketing campaign. There are many touch points that need to be catered for. For example, with digital marketing, your landing page tool of choice makes a huge difference to the type of pages you can setup. Tools such as Clickfunnels offer a lot more in the way of functionality than competitors like Leadpages.
In a similar way, know which people to assign to which task will help you manage a seamless even planning business.

Here are a few aspects to keep in mind if you want your event to be successful:

  • Deciding the purpose: The purpose of an event is a very important consideration. Different types of events require different type of planning. Events like festivals, birthdays, meetings, conferences, competitions, weddings, concerts etc., all have to be planned in a different way as it affects all the following aspects of planning. Selecting a proper theme to suit the event is very essential as different type of decor is required to match the theme, for example, if it a garden theme wedding, then you need garden furniture items and decor pieces to suit the theme, or if you have a beach theme wedding, then the set up would consist more of beach decor like centerpieces with shells and pearls, beach style aisles and arches, etc. If it’s a kids birthday party then maybe hire a bouncy castle. Thus, know the purpose of the event and plan accordingly.
  • Fix a sensible budget:  Event planning involves money, thus make sure you have set your budget that covers all the expenses incurred during event planning. Make sure you have allocated sufficient amount of money for smooth transactions so that there are no disputes later. With a limited budget, you have to prioritize important things involved in event planning. If you have a planned budget, you can organize the event accordingly.
  • Always have a couple of plans in hand while planning for an event: If there is some issue at the last moment you can always implement another plan. For example, you should have a few dates planned for the event, check the venue and select one that suits the event; you also need to decide if the event has to be held indoors or outdoors etc.
  • Make sure all the supplies are available on the selected date: Contacting reputable suppliers who is not just affordable but also available on that day should be done before hand. Keeping contacts of a few suppliers in hand is essential, what if the chosen supplier is not able to deliver the supplies on time?Also make sure that you have a few contacts of reliable transportation services too, to transport heavy items and goods required for decoration, catering etc.
  • Get the relevant permission for the event: Make sure you have the permission of the concerned authorities for planning a successful event. For example, permissions may be required for alcohol, loud music and noise, parking space for the guests etc. This will not just ensure that the event runs smoothly, but will also make sure that all your guests are not embarrassed or uncomfortable.
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